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Dining Alliance is the leading data and technology company for independent restaurants. We empower independent restaurants across the country with data and analytics to improve their purchasing, reduce their costs, and increase their profitability. We collect and organize purchasing data to help restaurants uncover areas for savings, improve the strength of their partnerships and run their businesses more profitably. 
As part of our Partnership with the Texas Restaurant Association, you qualify for exclusive savings on both food and non-food purchases, cashback rebates on those purchases, and national discounted pricing on everyday items your restaurant purchases. As a Dining Alliance member, you get access to:

  • $20 billion in buying power
  • Industry leading technology
  • 350+ manufacturer programs
  • Exclusive savings on beyond prime programs
  • Discounts on items you already purchase

There’s no cost to join and sign-up is easy! Visit DiningAlliance.com to learn more about our membership program or speak with our industry experts today!
For more information contact: 
Chris Boyd
[email protected]
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