88th Legislative Session

The Texas Legislature only meets for five months every two years in a regular session to update our state’s laws. The current session lasts from January 10, 2023, to May 29, 2023, giving us a narrow opportunity to pass bills that will help restaurants and stop or fix bills that will hurt restaurants.

We are ready to take full advantage of the opportunity to protect and advance the entire industry—from single-unit, family-run restaurants and food trucks to the largest chains and franchisees. We can’t do it alone, however. 

The TRA works with lawmakers at every level, regardless of their political party, to make sure all foodservice businesses are heard.

Our voices are stronger together. Here’s how you can join our advocacy efforts at the Texas Capitol and beyond:
  1. Please invest in our efforts here. Leading local, state, and federal advocacy efforts in a state as large as Texas is incredibly expensive, and so every dollar is meaningful and appreciated!
  2. Become a member of the TRA and encourage your colleagues to join too. Our numbers and our diversity are our strength.
  3. Make sure you’re registered and have a plan to vote in each election if you’re eligible. More information here.
  4. Download the TRA app and turn on your push notifications so you receive breaking news alerts and opportunities to contact your lawmakers with just a few quick clicks.

Thank you for helping us support restaurants across Texas!

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