Capital Investment Bootcamp

Saturday, July 9
Greenville Room, Omni Dallas

10:00am - Check in
10:30am - Welcome, Introductions, History & Case Study
12:00pm - Lunch & Panel, Discussion
12:45pm - Breakouts: Franchisee, Franchisor, Capital Investment
2:45pm - Break
3:00pm - Wrap Up Session: What's Next?
4:00pm - Happy Hour

Are you looking to expand your brand? Perhaps grow it for a future acquisition transaction? Or maybe with the fast-casual sector growing at such a rapid rate, you're interested in becoming a franchisee operator or expanding your franchise portfolio? Then you do not want to miss this Capital Investment Bootcamp pre-conference session.

This day-long workshop presented by VRA Partners and the TRA features key operators and capital investment firms providing insights into each area of franchising your brand, becoming a franchisee/expanding your franchise portfolio, and using capital investment to grow and expand your brand. Included in the line-up are Scott Diviney (Chicken Salad Chick), Chris Aslam (Rock Strategic), Tom Kutcher (Capital Spring), David Cary (Morgan Stanley), Sanjeev Khanna (GS Dallas Group), and Chris Reilly, Tyler McCrary & Mark Loeffler (all of VRA Partners).

Starting at 10:30am with an introductory session, lunch will be provided, during which Scott Diviney will discuss his experience growing the Chicken Salad Chick brand, then the group will break out into specialized sessions focused on franchising, being a franchisee, and using capital investment to grow your brand, after which the group will come back together to wrap things up, discuss what next steps you should pursue based on your area of interest. The day is closed with an exclusive cocktail reception at 4pm courtesy of 99 Proof Partners during which you can connect with potential investment partners to fuel your dreams and endeavors.

Space is limited for this incredible pre-conference event, so register today to secure your seat.


Chris Aslam, Rock Strategic Restaurant Group
Chris Reilly, VRA Partners
David Cary, Morgan Stanley
Jeff Brock, Hargett Hunter
Mark Loeffler, VRA Partners
Sanjeev Khanna, GS Dallas Group
Scott Diviney, Chicken Salad Chick
Tom Kuchler, Capital Spring
Tyler McCrary, VRA Partners