BVRA Board Meeting Minutes

General Meeting – 3.8.18 at 1:30p

Introduction of BVRA to members/suppliers and potential members. David Waddell from TRA was in attendance.


Open nominations for Board positions; Confirm positions with Blake

  • Chad – Education
  • Heath Groves – Secretary
  • Mark Horn – Board Member
  • Bill Horton – Executive Vice President
  • Amy Brymer – Treasurer
  • Abbie Krolczyk – Education
  • Tara – Membership Chair
  • Blake Zeitman – President


Vision for BVRA – Blake

  • Education – ProStart High School Culinary Program
  • Fundraising for PAC
  • Growth of Organization
  • Ideas for future meetings – Educational and Informative topics
    • Member Spotlights at each meeting
    • General Council from TRA
    • Update from a High School Culinary Program
    • Send an email out to members to submit ideas for future meetings


What the TRA Does – Steve Sloat with TRA

  • Education – Pro Start
  • Legislation/Lobby
  • Activists for restaurants


What is ProStart – Steve Sloat, David Waddle, Blake Zeitman

  • Culinary program at local High Schools
  • Ideas for collaboration with BVRA
    • Mentorship with culinary student
    • Shadow days with culinary student
    • How can BVRA support and give back to local high school culinary programs
  • Voted to donate $1,000 to CSISD Culinary Program cooking competition at Disney
    • Other sponsorship opportunities available


How is BVRA Funded – Fundraising! Steve, David, Blake

  • Taste of Aggieland
    • 32 booths this year
    • Culinary Competition – only 2 high schools, need more for next year, 7 total in region
  • Ideas for future fundraisers
    • Golf Tournament – Raise awareness for BVRA, for ProStart and PAC


Future Meetings – Open to group

  • Voted to have meetings at 3p, 1:30p was difficult to make



Health Department Speaker – 3.8.18 at 3p

  • Overview of Health Department and services they provide to Brazos Valley
    • Restaurant Inspections
    • Teach Food Handlers Classes (English and Spanish)
    • Temporary Food Events
    • Other: Childcare Inspections, Subdivision Reviews, Vector Surveys (West Nile/Zika)
  • Added 13 New Establishments in February, Closed 3 in February, Over 1,100 permitted establishments
  • What is the Health Department seeing in the area as a concern?
    • Cleaning cloths not being in sanitizer bucket
      • Recommend changing sanitizer every 2 hours
    • Date Marking – Use by date/ending date are important to see on food
    • Food permits for employees on file first day of employment
  • Potential future areas for owners/managers to watch for
    • Points off for driveway/parking lots having pot holes
    • Walls/ceiling tiles need to be easily cleanable
    • Potential for double marks on an infraction
      • Food being above temperature and equipment not being maintained, or staff not being trained on proper temps
    • Points off for non-food contact surfaces
      • Bottom of plates, exterior of coke machines for not being cleaned or maintained
  • Are there back-up plans in place for refrigerator going out?
    • How to store food?
  • Look to Brazos Valley Health Department as a resource


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