What caught my eye at TRA Marketplace 2019?

What caught my eye at TRA Marketplace 2019? By Mary Jane Sampson

With the ever increasing news reports of food tampering, I discovered several solutions to the potential problems with third party delivery.  I saw bags with sticky pull off tape. Once the bag is sealed, the tape is ripped off by the consumer.  There are all different sizes for all types of containers.  I found tamper visible boxes or containers where the tab fits in the slot and will show evidence of tampering when opened.  It can be as simple as a sticker sealing the container to show it has NOT been opened, or a more elaborate sack or box.  There are many choices available.  I was told that 70% of third party deliverers admitted to “sampling” the food or a least snitching a French fry.  With the recent alcohol delivery laws, product tampering will surely become a topic for our members to consider.

Plastic Bags  Boxes Cups Tear Strips



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