5 Ways to Use e-Commerce to Boost Your Restaurant's Sales


Dec 9, 2020




2:00pm - 3:00pm

Sponsored by GoDaddy

For innovative restaurant operators with a strong brand, you might consider launching an online merchandise store to increase your profits.

One of the best examples of successful online restaurant retail is the El Arroyo brand - known for their clever sign in Austin, Texas, they also sell books, coffee mugs, toilet paper, and so much more. 

One lucky attendee will win a basket of El Arroyo goodies!

In our webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Great ideas for best-selling merch
  • How to build an e-commerce website
  • How to write marketing emails that people will actually want to read
  • Social selling tips for this holiday season on Facebook and Instagram
  • How to improve your e-commerce strategy


  • Paige Winstanley, Retail Director, El Arroyo
  • Ellis Winstanley, Owner, El Arroyo
  • Geoffrey Brown, GoDaddy
  • Alexandra White, Digital Marketing Specialist, Texas Restaurant Association