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Apr 2020

  • Apr 18

    The Texas Restaurant Association Applauds Governor Abbott on Commitment to Not Raise Taxes on Businesses to Pay for Unemployment Payment Shortfall COVID-19, and the state and county directives addressing it, have led many businesses, including...

  • Apr 17

    The Spoetzl Brewery in Shiner, Texas, the 111-year-old independent craft brewery and brewer of the iconic Shiner Bock, announced today a contribution of $500,000 to the TX Restaurant Relief Fund.  The TX Restaurant Relief Fund initiative was...

  • Apr 16

    Today, ExxonMobil gifted the Texas Restaurant Association’s TX Restaurant Relief Fund, an initiative of the Texas Restaurant Association Education Foundation (TRAEF), $100,000 to support Houston-area restaurants, their staff, and facilitate a gift ...

  • Apr 14

    During this crisis, how well you connect to your active and furloughed employees will define your culture for years.  It will make the difference between having a bonded and enthusiastic workforce rather than one that feels bitter and neglected –...

  • Apr 13

    Texas Mutual Insurance Company has announced a $50,000 donation to the Texas Restaurant Association’s TX Restaurant Relief Fund, an initiative of the Texas Restaurant Association Education Foundation (TRAEF) that was established in response to the...

  • Apr 7

    Despite Statewide High School Closings, Technical Education Program Continues with Online E-Learning Tools Texas ProStart®, a two-year high school culinary and foodservice management curriculum used by more than 15,000 students in 150+ Texas high...

  • Apr 3

    Social distancing has increased the adoption of online shopping as people spend more time at home. Thus, having an ecommerce presence has never been more important to reduce the distance between you and customers. Yet, many small businesses are ...

  • Apr 2

    The Fund is Designed to Support Independent Restaurateurs and Their Employees Today, the Wholesale Beer Distributors of Texas (WBDT) and its members donated $60,000 to the Texas Restaurant Association’s TX Restaurant Relief Fund, an initiative of...

  • Apr 1

    Article by Rachel Austin of Hometown Social Have you ever read a social media post that was so tone deaf or untimely that it turned you off to the brand entirely? Social media can be a powerful tool, but it also has the ability to do more harm to...

Mar 2020

  • Mar 31

    Generous Texans and Local Restaurants Helping to Feed Youth and Families in Need Governor Greg Abbott today announced the Comfort Food Care Package (CFCP) program to provide meals for at-risk youth and families in communities across Texas as the...

  • Mar 27

    The new Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (“CARES Act”)is on track to be signed by President Trump in the coming days. This is a comprehensive document with 850 pages of text that will provide some much needed relief for restaurants...

  • Mar 26

    Listen in as the Texas Workforce Commission's employment law attorneys answer questions from restaurant owners about how to manage unemployment claims for their employees during the COVID-19 pandemic. TWC Mass Claims Unemployment Benefits...