Austin Organics Diversion Requirement

Aug 24

Beginning Oct. 1, 2016 the very largest restaurants (>15,000 square feet) will be required to establish an organics diversion program. By Oct. 2017, restaurants greater than 5,000 square feet are subject to the requirement, and by Oct. 1, 2018 all restaurants will need to establish an organics diversion program. Establishing an organics diversion program takes time and effort. The problems and issues that the largest restaurants will face this year will be the same issues that all restaurants will face in the coming years.

Austin’s Universal Recycling Ordinance requires food permitted facilities to establish programs to divert organic material (e.g. wasted food, yard trimmings) from landfills, also known as Organics Diversion. The intent of the ordinance is to significantly reduce the amount of organic material sent to the landfill.  Learn more and find additional resources in the Resource Center.


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