Bills Impacting Restaurants Make Positive Momentum

May 12

TRA has been strongly advocating for two bills relating to restaurant operations during the 2015 Texas Legislative Session; House Bill 1251 and Senate Bill 582. "We had some good hearings today and the bills have great momentum," said Richie Jackson, CEO of the Texas Restaurant Association. Chris Aslam, Jack-in-the-Box franchisee of multiple units in the DFW area, testified on behalf of House Bill 1251 which will help franchisee avoid high unemployment insurance tax rates at the Senate Hearing. House Bill 1251 passed in the Senate Committee on Natural Resources and Economic Development and Senate Bill 582 was heard in House Public Health Committee. Senate Bill 582 will eliminate local food handler permit fees for restaurant employees who take an ANSI accredited course in addition to easing the paperwork burden of restaurant owners. Stay up-to-date by signing up for Legislative Alerts or view all the bills TRA is monitoring TRA Bill Watch.


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