News: Member Spotlight

  • Apr 12

    After having been in the restaurant industry for 15 years, being of service has become a way of life for me. I take a large amount of pride in the memories I have had the opportunity to create for the many guests served and team members I have been...

  • Mar 22
    Betty Zentner

    I grew up in the restaurant business and just like my parents, I was motivated by a dream. Achieving the dream was a long road of not giving up, sticking to the opportunity and accepting and adapting to the constant change that goes with the...

  • Mar 16
    Kevin Hawkins

    Being a member of TRA has made a big difference to my business. I save money on insurance and credit card processing by using TRA's preferred partners. And TRA's work to restructure the mixed beverage tax, which significantly reduced our liquor...

  • Mar 5
    Larry Forehand

    TRA saved Mexican Restaurants Inc. (MRI) over a quarter of a million dollars in liqour taxes in 2014 due to the mixed beverage tax restructuring legislation that was passed. Our restaurants don't have a high volume of liquor sales compared to some...

  • Feb 18
    Eleanor Moore

    I've been in the restaurant business my entire adult life, from waitress, hostess to short order cook. In 1980 I took my first office job for a restaurant that lasted 33 years. Taking on any new responsibilities offered, I learned. Only this...