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  • Dec 2

          Latest Update: December 2, 2020 The Texas Restaurant Association is committed to providing our members with resources and opportunities to help manage elements within our control. We are your voice and stand together with you in these...

  • Nov 3

    About $1 billion in tax credits are claimed each year under the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) program. Sadly, many restaurants and lodging businesses are unaware of the program or simply don’t take advantage of it. WOTC was founded in 1996 by...

  • Oct 3
    Woman sanitizing POS register

    Restaurateurs, guests may be able to safely eat away from home after months of staying in, but they’ll need to feel safe to make it a regular practice. While your restaurants operate according to state and local COVID-19 guidelines, everyone plays a...

  • Sep 2
    September heartland banner

    Minimalism, a movement to rid life of excess in favor of what’s important, is growing in popularity. It’s only natural the trend would extend to business. And it turns out there’s freedom in simplicity. Now, all you need to run your business is:...

  • Aug 3

    Having the right tools to run your business isn’t just a convenience; it makes a difference. For example, owning a Swiss army knife enables you to do lots of things faster and better than a dull butter knife. Now apply that principle to the way you...

  • Jul 6

    Restaurant dining rooms are starting to reopen after months of closure due to a pandemic, but many guests are hesitant to return. More than 50% of people in a recent Dataessential’s industry survey said they would not be comfortable with on-premise...

  • Jun 1

    With many businesses temporarily being disrupted, email marketing is essential for letting people know you are still open for business. Industry research shows that almost three quarters of consumers prefer to hear from businesses by email versus...

  • May 4

    Social distancing is reframing the way customers think about the dining experience. Instead of eating at their favorite steakhouse on Friday night, families are hunkering down and abiding by the CDC's warning. Likewise, as restaurateurs, it's our...

  • Apr 14

    During this crisis, how well you connect to your active and furloughed employees will define your culture for years.  It will make the difference between having a bonded and enthusiastic workforce rather than one that feels bitter and neglected –...

  • Apr 3

    Social distancing has increased the adoption of online shopping as people spend more time at home. Thus, having an ecommerce presence has never been more important to reduce the distance between you and customers. Yet, many small businesses are ...

  • Apr 1

    Article by Rachel Austin of Hometown Social Have you ever read a social media post that was so tone deaf or untimely that it turned you off to the brand entirely? Social media can be a powerful tool, but it also has the ability to do more harm to...

  • Mar 24
    Take payments anywhere Heartland

    We’re all feeling the impact of the rapidly changing environment in the U.S. We see business owners like you doing your best to adapt as states enact curfews and different forms of business closures. There are things we can’t change, but hopefully,...