News: Education Foundation

  • Feb 24

    Texas ProStart teams traveled to the Houston area from as far as Amarillo to compete for glory at the second regional Texas ProStart Invitational competition on February 20 & 21. Parents, bffs, grandparents, instructors, siblings and fellow...

  • Feb 23

    Nafees Alam, CEO, DRG Concepts (Dallas, Texas) is one of three winners of the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation's (NRAEF) 2015 Faces of Diversity American Dream award. The winners will be honored at a gala on April 14, 2015,...

  • Feb 19

    As a high school student I didn't really know what Texas ProStart was! All I knew was that it was a cooking class. Most people join the Texas ProStart program because they think it's a blow off class or they want to eat. I still remember when I was...

  • Jan 22

    Taking culinary arts has opened many opportunities for my future. There are a lot of benefits to knowing how to prepare food. Not only will the knowledge that I have learned in this Texas ProStart class benefit my health, but it will also help me...