News: Legal & Regulatory

  • Apr 17

    As the 86th Legislative Session lunges towards the May 27 deadline, TRA's legislative priorities are making headway. Our latest TRA News Now includes are mid-April updates. A current list may also be found on our advocacy page. Our top five...

  • Apr 2
    Green wine bottle with corks

    H.B. 3897 would allow a consumer to bring their own wine into a restaurant that has a mixed beverage permit. TRA has successfully opposed this concept in the past, most recently in 2011. At that time, it was the trigger issue that both engaged and...

  • Mar 21

    Earlier this month (March, 2019), the Department of Labor released its long-awaited rewrite of the highly controversial overtime rule, and this time, it’s taken a more commonsense approach. The previously proposed version of the overtime rule more...

  • Mar 8

    Texas cities have begun to pass (or trying to pass) local ordinances regulating all kinds of private employment practices, such as hiring, scheduling and benefits that are usually handled at the state and federal levels, or left to the employer. ...

  • Feb 20

    Many people enjoy beer with barbeque, a Bordeaux with their steak or margaritas with fajitas. However, when ordering restaurant delivery - alcohol has been missing from that experience. Currently, Texas law permits beer and wine to be carried off...

  • Feb 6
    Photo of calendar

    In 2006, the Texas Legislature established the 4th Monday in August as a state-wide, uniform start date for public schools. However, in 2015, H.B. 1842 became law, which allowed school districts to exempt themselves from 67 state requirements, one...

  • Jan 23

    Most everyone has heard of TRA’s Political Action Committee which combines member contributions to help impact various elections, supporting candidates who merit the support of our industry. But did you know that TRA also has a ‘war chest’ called...

  • Jan 20
    Austin Capitol

    The 86th Texas Legislature convened on January 8, 2019 for what will be a whirlwind 140 days. Texas is one of only four stalwart states (Montana, Nevada and North Dakota) whose regular legislative session meets every other year, and these biennial...

  • Dec 12

    TRA (and Texas restaurants) had some big wins lately at both the state and national levels with Paid Sick Leave and the 80/20 Rule.  The Paid Sick Leave ordinance was the first of its kind in Texas. After passing earlier this year, a number of...

  • Oct 3

    After working closely with TRA, the Texas Alcohol and  Beverage Commission (TABC) has passed new alcohol catering rules the eliminate the need for TABC pre-approval and expediting fees for most catering events. This is important because many...

  • Aug 29

    In our latest TRA News Now, we have updates for paid sick leave ordinances in both Austin and San Antonio. The Austin ordinance, the first of its kind in Texas, would have allowed employees to accrue up to 64 hours of paid sick leave annually,...

  • Jul 11

    More and more employers are experiencing an increase in lawsuits about the “80/20 Rule” for server duties and how it affects the tip credit. Our latest TRA News Now was created to help you understand exactly what the 80/20 Rule is, ensure that you...