FDA releases menu-labeling guidance

Sep 11
The Food and Drug Administration on Friday released additional draft guidance to help restaurateurs comply with the menu-labeling law that will require certain chain restaurants to add calorie data to menus and make other nutrition information available on request. The law takes effect Dec. 1, 2016. The 53-page draft guidance, largely in the form of a Q&A, comes in addition to final regulations the FDA released last December. Last year's regulations left some key questions unanswered and were in some cases confusing. The NRA and many restaurant companies submitted hundreds of questions to the FDA. Congress also asked the FDA to provide further clarification. The NRA is analyzing the new material and will provide additional information at The FDA is now accepting public comments on its draft guidance, with no stated deadline.  The NRA will be drafting comments based upon restaurants' feedback, and restaurants are also encouraged to send their comments and questions directly to the FDA. For more information, contact Kenneth Besserman, or Joan McGlockton, Information provided by the National Restaurant Association.


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