GARA Gives Time at Food Bank

Apr 10

The Greater Austin Restaurant Association took their April Board Meeting to the Capital Area Food Bank of Texas. After finishing the official business, 30 GARA members made a motion to roll up their sleeves in the warehouse. Restaurateurs sorted and inspected nearly 30,000 pounds of food to distribute to 22 counties in the Central Texas area. "As restaurateurs, we are often asked for donations but this time we gave our time and it was an absolute blast!" said Deborah Donovan, General Manager of the Frisco and Chair of the GARA Membership Committee. She went on to say, "we serve people in our restaurants every day, this was a different way we could serve our community and connect with fellow restaurateurs." The unique networking opportunity attracted new members to join the Texas Restaurant Association and get involved with the chapter. After nearly three hours in the warehouse, checking expiration dates and inspecting packaging, the group had compiled enough groceries for 2412 meals! See photos from the event!  


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