Infographic: COVID-19 Restaurant Industry Impact February 2021

Mar 10

To assess the ongoing economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic, the Texas Restaurant Associaiton and the National Restaurant Assocation Research Group conducted a survey of 3,000 restaurant operators February 2-10, 2021. Click the image to download the full graphic. 

texas restaurant impact survey february 2021

Key findings include: 

  • 81% of operators in Texas say sales were lower in January 2021 versus January 2020
  • 40% of Texas operators think their sales will decline in February and March from January's levels
  • 85% of Texas operators expect their staffing levels to be lower in February and March than it was in January


  • 32% of operators think it will be 7-12 months before it's business as usual.
  • 29% think it will take more than a year.
  • 10% doubt it will ever happen. 

Source: National Restaurant Association


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