Dec 7

The Texas Restaurant Association Education Foundation launched, a new website designed to connect high school culinary arts and restaurant management students and educators with professionals in the Texas foodservice industry. The new website consolidates all of the educator and student resources needed to successfully implement the Texas ProStart program. Additionally, it has information on professional development conferences, student work-ready tools, and the annual Texas ProStart Invitational competition. Future phases of the website will include a job board, discussion groups and other teaching tools for the classroom. Texas ProStart, the TRA Education Foundation's (TRAEF) flagship program, is a two-year, industry-based high school culinary arts and restaurant management program. It includes curriculum, instructor support and training, industry mentors, assistance with facility development, and opportunities for students to gain valuable industry skills through academic and workplace experience. Currently, Texas ProStart is in 235 schools around the state, reaching over 20,000 students each year. "Texas ProStart students and instructors are tremendously inspiring," said Charles Duit, executive chef, Calder Woods Retirement Home and TRAEF chairman. "Their passion for, and knowledge of our industry is outstanding. They truly represent our future workforce." Funding, and design and development services were generously donated by current and past TRAEF Board of Trustee members Jimmy Hasslocher, Frontier Enterprises, San Antonio; Estella Martinez, Matt's Rancho Martinez, Dallas; Margaret McKoin, The Time Group, Dallas; and Skeeter Miller, County Line BBQ, Austin.


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