Lakesha Reed, Beaucoup Bar & Grill

May 23

What I love about food is how it makes you feel. And that's what I want to get across to people. My grandma's food gives me the best feeling in the world. When I left New Orleans to go to the University of Houston, the closest thing I could get to home was food, and I couldn't find the food I loved. I knew I wasn't the only New Orleanian feeling like that! After college I worked in New Orleans for a while and then Katrina hit. I lost everything and didn't work for a while. I kinda just contemplated live. I've always wanted to start a restaurant and had experience working in restaurants during college. So I moved to Houston and tookd this perfect opportunity to take what I love (my grandma's recipes) and provide that home-cooked traditional New Orleans food to customers.

I thought I knew what I was getting into - until I had to control a whole restaurant myself! But it has been an amazing experience and I don't know that any other industry would have provided this kind of opportunity. We just opened our second location!


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