Lubbock Chapter Celebrates Success

Jun 1

Recently, the Lubbock Chapter hosted a Celebration Dinner to honor Texas Restaurant Association Hall of Honor Inductee David Cea , Lubbock Restaurant Association Restaurateur of the Year, Loyd Turner, and to applaud all of LRA's successes over the past year. The event was held at the Texas Tech Restaurant, Hotel, Institution Management's restaurant, Skyview's on Tuesday May 26.

"I had the honor of being recognized for being inducted to the TRA Hall of Honor. Receiving this award is a life time achievement award for me. This award is a culmination of over 40 years working in the restaurant industry and promoting our industry through the association and our  local chapter. I am humbled and honored to receive this award. My dad would be proud!" said David Cea after the dinner.

Texas Tech RHIM student Gabriela Longoria was recognized as the first recipient of the Texas Tech RHIM/L.E. Anderson Scholarship. The scholarship is named after L.E. Anderson, the first chef instructor at SkyView's and a longtime friend to the LRA. The late chef's sons were honored to be able to present the annual scholarship to Gabriela. The evening was highlighted with a brief summary of the LRA accomplishments for the year. Attendees had great fun trying to guess the answers to trivia questions. Correct answers received a surprise package. Sysco donated steaks which were won in a raffle. There was lots of good food, adult beverages and fun to be had by all. David Cea will be officially inducted into the TRA Hall of Honor at the Night of Excellence on Saturday, June 27 in Dallas. See more photos from the LRA Celebration Dinner here.


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