New technology eases reporting burdens on restaurant operators - TRA partners with Safety Kick

Feb 9

An exciting, new partnership between the Texas Restaurant Association (TRA) and Safety Kick, a cutting-edge technology company will save restaurants time and money by streamlining workplace reporting using a tablet or cell phone.

A key industry challenge is keeping up with increasing reporting requirements - from internal incident reports, to OSHA regulations, to local agencies. Manual data entry, along with filing and storing antiquated hard copy forms is expensive, time consuming, inefficient, and cumbersome for restaurants regardless of size, especially for owners/operators who are already spread thin.

Listening to members and hearing the need for a solution, TRA sought the expertise of Safety Kick, whose technology has been proven in other industries with heavy reporting requirements of all types, such as oil and gas, as well as construction. 

“The beauty of this technology is that it allows operators to be ‘hands on’ even when they aren’t there,” says Richie Jackson, CEO of TRA. “You can’t be everywhere at once. If a multi-unit operator is at a different location or if an independent operator has a night off and something happens – such as a slip and fall, or trouble with an intoxicated patron, Safety Kick gives you the ability to immediately document the details of the incident as if you were on premise. It even gives you the option to add photos and witness statements, which helps protect both management and employees. We think restaurateurs will find this application invaluable.”

Reporting options are varied and fully-customizable and can include OSHA, inventory reports, timesheets, food service and management checklists, incidents reports, employee evaluations and many others.

This is an exciting opportunity to put Safety Kick’s expertise to work to help Texas restaurants,” says James Ehrlich, President of Safety Kick. “We’re thrilled about being selected as a TRA Preferred Partner. Restaurants face the same labor intensive, expensive and time consuming reporting requirements as many other industries. Feedback from our restaurant clients has been tremendous and we look forward to a mutually beneficial and collaborative long term partnership with TRA.”

The application is compatible with both Android and iOS (iPhone and iPad) platforms. Among its many features, it allows users to complete and submit required health and safety forms immediately at the scene of an incident, from cell phones or tablets with a date stamp, location (GPS) and signature, in real time. It also allows for the inclusion of photographs and the option of management or supervisor review or approval.

Digital recordkeeping ensures accuracy and compliance, and eliminates the traditional pitfalls of manual entry, such as hard to read handwriting, erroneous reporting, faded or damaged records, lost or missing reports and the need for storage space. 

Special discounts are available for TRA members. For more information, visit or view more video.


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