New TFER Sign Requirement

Dec 2

A little known provision was added to the new 2015 Texas Food Establishment Rules (TFER) requiring all food establishments to conspicuously post a sign informing customers that the establishment’s most recent health inspection report is available upon request. The rule allows the local health department to come up with a different way of allowing food establishments to inform its customers about the availability of health inspection reports.

While this rule is new, it appears that some TRA members are reporting that local health departments are using the posted signs as the preferred method to inform consumers of the availability of health inspection reports. Local health departments are beginning to enforce this rule through the inspection process.

For your convenience, TRA has created a sign that you may use or alter to include your branding. Always remember to check with your inspector or local health department to determine how the department seeks to enforce or inspect this particular rule. Click here to access the sign. 

The rule specifically provides:

(11) Notify customers that a copy of the most recent establishment inspection report is available upon request by posting a sign or placard in a location in the food establishment that is conspicuous to customers or by another method acceptable to the regulatory authority.

Click here to read the entire rule.



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