Power Brokerage for Your Restaurant

Nov 15
bright kitchen power website

The Texas Restaurant Association is pleased to announce our newest Preferred Partner, Bright Kitchen Power,  an energy aggregation group purchasing program designed exclusively for Members of the Texas Restaurant Association. Our Members no longer have to go it alone when looking for an electricity provider. 

Why is this a Member need?

Most people believe all they need to do is find the “best rate” for some fixed term (1-2 years), which is exactly why they often get hit with unexpected fees later. Some things they have not considered:

  • Ancillary fees from the energy supplier may be stripped from the rate and billed as separate line items by the utility.  As a result, they get a “lower rate” but end up unknowingly paying for these ancillary fees anyway as surprise line items on their bill.
  • The danger in committing to a term with a favorable rate, but at a term beyond their lease term. This ends up costing them early termination fees if they don’t renew their lease.
  • Often, a busy restaurant owner will wait until the last minute to renew an existing contract, therefore giving up control to the market. Bright Kitchen Power’s consultants are always monitoring the forward rate market in search of finding a lower rate than the client is currently paying.
  • Concierge service: TRA Members will enjoy white glove service that takes care of the administrative headaches, including:
    • Billing Issues
    • Meter adds and deletes
    • New construction development
    • Contract responsibilities from closing or selling of a restaurant unit
    • Protection from fraud
  • The power of group purchasing. As in all areas of business, purchasing as a large, cohesive unit affords our members the favorable rates and crucial contract provisions/concessions from suppliers that they would not otherwise attain.

Who runs Bright Kitchen Power?

This program is administered jointly by TRA staff and the energy brokerage firm known as Power Brokers, LLC. Vetted over the course of a year-long due diligence process and approved by TRA’s Executive Committee, Power Brokers brings to the TRA family 25 years of expertise - an eternity in the world of energy. Already they have begun saving restaurants money, including Panera Bread, Del Frisco’s, house. wine. & bistro, and many more. 

Our Members may have already met Steve Hardy, President, and Tom Kinser, Manager of Aggregation Services, as they have been attending TRA events throughout the state in support of the launch of Bright Kitchen Power. They are especially active in the Greater Houston Restaurant Association and Greater Dallas Restaurant Association, where Member need is greatest. 

Getting your restaurant in the Bright Kitchen Power program

  1. Go to and upload your most recent bill.
  2. Your Personal Energy Consultant will contact you to review your bill, and a Letter of Authorization will be prepared for your signature that will then be submitted to the utility as a request for your restaurant’s 12-month historical usage file.
  3. Once the usage is received, you will either be scheduled as part of the next group purchase or, if usage is large enough, bids will be requested from multiple suppliers at that time.
  4. Once the group purchase is complete, your savings and favorable new contract terms take effect immediately. You’ll receive a statement at the end of every contract term detailing your benefits.

Bright Kitchen Power, a joint partnership between Power Brokers LLC and TRA, is just the latest innovative effort designed to give your restaurant the savings and operational edge you need to do better business. Enroll now, and feel free to contact Tom Kinser with any questions at or (469) 533-7610.


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