Presenting - The Spring Issue of Restaurantville

May 22

Presenting the Spring Issue of Restaurantville!

Restaurantville is the digital magazine of the Texas Restaurant Association, emailed to more than 6,000 foodservice professionals quarterly. The content highlights industry trends, best practices, profiles, interviews, news, events and more. It is fully interactive, including hyperlinks and video clips.

Each issue is also searchable by keyword and easily shared with friends and colleagues - enjoy all that Restaurantville has to offer and remember - it's free to subscribe! In the current issue, we look at the state of the phenomenal food truck industry in Texas, and offer some practical how-to's for those wanting to start their own. We also explore the tourism industry and its relationship with restaurants as well as the local, state and federal changes impacting it.

Also catch the excitement from the National ProStart Competition, the Faces of Diversity Award and much more!

View the Issue


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