Resolve to Succeed in 2015!

Jan 13

It's that time of year - time for resolutions, both personal and professional, that are easier to make than keep. Good thing TRA Marketplace is on the horizon to help you stay on track and achieve your goals! Whether you are resolved to improve customer service, streamline operations, boost employee training and performance, upgrade your technology or take your marketing campaigns to the next level, TRA Marketplace will send you home with the tools to bring out the best in your business. You may even find the secrets to eating right, staying organized and finding your creative mojo! Join us in Dallas, June 28 - 29, 2015. Real Resolutions from Real Restaurateurs "My personal resolution for 2015 is to be on a healthier diet. My professional resolution is to do renovations at our bar and restaurant." John Fuentes, owner, Fuentes Cafe Downtown, El Paso "My personal resolution is to improve time management and get organized, in every aspect of daily life. My business resolution is to dedicate scheduled time and effort to further education and training for myself and Matt's staff." Estella Martinez, owner, Matt's Rancho Martinez, Dallas "My personal resolution is to reconnect with historical strengths by revisiting Asia and re-engaging personal artwork/studio. My professional resolution is to improve the culture of our organization by undertaking the Stagen Leadership Academy, becoming more involved with the Conscious Capitalism forum and by searching for a Chief Culture Officer (COO)." Mark Davis Bailey, CEO, The Original Pancake House, Dallas


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