Russell Ybarra, Gringo's Mexican Kitchen & Jimmy Changos

Aug 22
Russell Ybarra

Being a TRA member has made a huge difference in my business by simply allowing me to network with other restaurateurs. For example, several years ago a very prominent and successful TRA member allowed me to tour his kitchen. While doing so, I noticed that his company was pre-packing their spices for all of their recipes. Our company started doing this shortly afterwards, and it has helped us maintain consistency in all of our items - from taco meat to salsa.

Another time, I was discussing interest rates with a fellow member. I was surprised to learn that his rates were much lower than ours, despite the fact that we had way fewer units. I immediately met with my banker to discuss re-evaluating our loan rates and to consider lowering them if they were not the absolute best rate for customers of our size. The next week, our bank lowered the interest rates on every one of our loans by 2.5% which saved us over $100,000 per year in interest expense.


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