Save the BBQ Bill

Oct 9

Support the Restaurant Industry against the Department of Agriculture’s Rewriting of the BBQ Bill

House Bill 2029 (the BBQ Bill), which passed during the 2017 Legislative Session, repeals the Department of Agriculture’s (TDA) requirement that restaurants selling food by weight maintain a certified scale, pay a $35 annual fee and continuously display a consumer sticker visible to the consumer.

Despite this however, TDA has now written rules stating that “food for immediate consumption” has to be “eaten on the premises,” and will continue their inspections of scales contrary to a unanimous legislature and the clear intent of HB 2029. In fact, there are recent reports of continued TDA inspections of scales’ certification and visibility – a clear misinterpretation and misunderstanding of the bill. In fact, the Commissioner of Agriculture originally argued for a veto of this bill, despite unanimous support among Texas legislators and widespread favor in the industry.

Please stand with TDA and tell your Representative and Senator that the TDA’s rules go against what they originally approved in HB 2029. Let them know that the Department of Agriculture’s rules do not reflect HB 2029’s original intent and urge them to ask the Department of Agriculture to remove “on the premises” from TDA’s rules. HB 2029 eliminates inspections and certification of scales used for food sold for immediate consumption without regard to where food is eaten.

CLICK HERE to find out who represents you, and then call them or email the message below (copy and paste). For more information on HB 2029, CLICK HERE. 


The need for a restaurant to have a certified scale visible to the consumer is an antiquated and unnecessary burden to the restaurant industry. Restaurants provide meals to millions of satisfied customers with very few complaints about weight of food. Restaurateurs are in the hospitality business and understand the need for good customer service. A restaurateur faced with a consumer complaint will do everything possible to satisfy that customer rather than risk a complaint posted on Yelp or other social media outlets. Registered and certified scales in restaurants are more about collecting fees than protecting customers. Please urge the Department of Agriculture to support the original legislative intent of HR 2029 and remove “on the premises” from the rules.



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