From a Texas ProStart Student: My Journey

Apr 17

There are many reasons I joined this Texas ProStart class. I joined to learn more and different ways to cook. What I have gotten out of this class are skills that I have used at my new job at a Bar-B-Q restaurant. For example, I learned how to properly use and hold a knife to prevent cutting myself. With this skill, I helped to show my co-workers the proper way to cut without endangering their fingers. From this class, I hope to learn many new skills that I can use to cook for my family and loved ones. For instance, I've learned how to bake from scratch and soon I will be helping to make a cake for my co-workers baby's birthday party. This class will benefit me to stay home more and make fresh meals for my family that they will love. I feel like this is important to do because it is a healthier way to eat and it also helps to spend more quality time with my family. My most memorable experience this year as part of my Texas ProStart class was going to help raise money at a golf tournament. I got to interact and meet a man named Skeeter. He was the owner of The Country Line BBQ in Austin and was sponsoring the hole were we serving sliders. I loved interacting with all the people that came through and introducing myself to many people that were interested to hear about our program. My favorite thing this year that I learned how to make was the chicken alfredo from scratch. From this meal I learned many new ways to thicken liquids and get them to a rich consistency. I also found it interesting that I can make a roux base and if I were to add different cheeses to the base, it changes the taste and the name of the sauce. Overall I find this program as a great opportunity to learn new skills in the kitchen and will help with make me to gain experience to work different foods. I will always have the skills in my mind and use them every day. I love to cook whether it's at home making a fresh meal for my family or at work cooking to satisfy my customers. I enjoy seeing people smile when eating my food and with Texas ProStart the program helps me learn hands on and show others what I am capable of. Guest Blog by Thalia Gonzales, student, John B. Connally High School, Austin, Texas The Texas Restaurant Association Education Foundation's Texas ProStart program  is a two-year, industry-based high school culinary and restaurant management program. It is currently in 220 Texas high schools, reaching 20,000+ students each year.

The Texas Restaurant Association Education Foundation is the philanthropic foundation of the Texas Restaurant Association. It's mission is to provide opportunities for restaurant careers in Texas.


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