Texas Restaurant Association Partners with TransPecos Banks to Provide Easier Access to PPP Loans

Jan 11

AUSTIN, TX (January 11, 2021) – Texas Restaurant Association (TRA) has partnered with TransPecos Banks, a Texas state savings bank headquartered in San Antonio, to be the exclusive source for restaurant owners to obtain First and Second draw Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans. The PPP was reauthorized by Congress late last year. The Small Business Administration (SBA) just issued Interim Final Rules (IFRs) and indicated that it will start accepting applications from authorized lenders who have approved customer applications for the forgivable loans sometime shortly after January 13, 2021. TransPecos Banks will begin receiving customer applications on Monday, January 11, 2021.

TransPecos Banks has been a leader within the state of Texas in processing PPP loans as a result of its ability to utilize its affiliated software development company’s automated loan origination system. The software, Full Skope, was adapted specifically for PPP loan processing in March 2020 when the special program was first authorized by Congress. TransPecos processed more than 7,000 PPP loans during the first round of PPP lending. The median size of the loans made by the bank was $19,000 making it a great resource for the smaller independent restaurants who are in need of participation in this federal program.

TransPecos will provide Texas restaurant owners with access to the PPP loan application process and has dedicated staff to assist restaurant owners with the necessary documentation to meet program guidelines to obtain the loans. TransPecos also has an automated solution to assist PPP borrowers in the forgiveness process. Additionally, TRA members may take advantage of extended customer service hours – 7:00 am to 11:00 p.m. – during the first two weeks of the PPP Round Two lending process.

“Our Bank is extremely proud to partner with TRA and its members and is dedicated to providing access on a priority basis to all restaurant owners in the state,” said TransPecos Banks Chairman Patrick Kennedy, Jr. “We recognize that this industry is likely the hardest hit by the pandemic and needs the most assistance.”

“This partnership will increase access for our restaurants who need support,” said Emily Williams Knight, TRA President and CEO. “There were two main challenges our restaurants experienced with the first-round funding. First, many of our independent restaurants found it challenging to find a lender, especially if they didn’t have a long-term relationship with a bank. Additionally, the forgiveness process was challenging and now in the second round, loan forgiveness for loans under 150k has been dramatically simplified, which should encourage even more owners to participate in the program. We believe TransPecos has the technical expertise, systems, people, and leadership to serve our industry at a time when they need it most.”

TRA and TransPecos Banks is hosting a webinar on Wednesday, January 13 at 2:00 pm CST to present information and answer any questions for restaurant owners. For more information and to apply, please visit

About TransPecos Banks
TransPecos Banks is a Texas state-chartered savings bank headquartered in San Antonio, Texas with offices in downtown San Antonio and branch offices in Pecos, Alpine and Marathon, Texas.

About the Texas Restaurant Association
The Texas Restaurant Association was formed in 1937 to serve as the advocate in Texas and the indispensable resource for the foodservice industry. Today, as a leading business association, TRA represents the state’s $70 billion restaurant industry, which is comprised of more than 50,000 locations and a workforce of 1.3 million employees. Along with the Texas Restaurant Association Education Foundation, the Association protects, advances, and educates the growing industry.


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