Texas Restaurant Industry Icon Passes Away

Nov 19

G. "Jim" Hasslocher, founder and Chairman of San Antonio-based Frontier Enterprises passed away peacefully today in Houston, Texas. In 1947, Hasslocher opened a bicycle rental business at the front gate of Brackenridge Park in San Antonio. When summer arrived he started selling sliced, ice-cold watermelon next to his bike stand. Soon he started selling charcoal-broiled hamburgers at a stand which evolved into the first Frontier Drive-In. The popular drive-in was a favorite meeting place and became famous for its burgers, onion rings, milkshakes and carhops. Hasslocher's aim was to provide his customers with the highest quality food at the lowest possible price. It was an original idea with a loyal following. It is due to the loyalty of his customers that today the Hasslocher's Frontier Enterprises operates Jim's Restaurants in San Antonio and Austin, and The Magic Time Machine restaurants in San Antonio and Dallas all offering the same great value and outstanding quality that was served at that first watermelon stand over 65 years ago.

Hasslocher was a strong advocate for the industry, serving as president of the Texas Restaurant Association in 1960 and chairman of the National Restaurant Association in 1986. He believed that by working together, restaurateurs could protect and promote the industry to achieve continued success. Hasslocher passed this commitment on to his daughter Susan who served as TRA president in 1986, and his son Jimmy who is currently TRA's secretary-treasurer. The vision, passion and dedication "Mr. Jim" as he was known to all, instilled in his employees and fellow TRA members has always been, and will continue to be, an inspiration to all.



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