Texas Restaurant Installs COVID-19-Killing Air Filtration Machines

Dec 3

(San Antonio, Texas) –  Building on already enhanced safeguards, Boudro’s Texas Bistro announces today it has incorporated the use of IVP Mobile Indoor Air Filters. The IVP Air heated filtration system is an affordable, mobile, plug-and-purify device designed to eliminate SARS-CoV-2, anthrax spores and other airborne contaminants through a heated filter that does not impact the temperature of the ambient indoor air. The use of this technology marks yet another enhancement that owner Richard Higbie and his team are offering to their dining guests in order to provide further confidence with a safer indoor-air experience.

The system was first designed by IVP founder and inventor, Monzer Hourani, who has a background in physics, science and engineering, developed the advanced biodefense system in partnership with Dr. Garrett Peel, Co-Founder of IVP, Dr. Zhifeng Ren, Director of the Superconductivity Center of Texas at the University of Houston, and with other scientists at the UTMB Galveston National Lab and University of Texas A&M Engineering and Experiment Station. 

 “The time for action is now, and helping our great nation reopen in record timing with this proven science that kills COVID-19 is so important to me as we use Houston-based research to help lead us out of this crisis and get us back to business,” said Monzer Hourani, inventor, and founder of IVP.

“We have to use science and technology to lead us through this public health crisis," said Dr. Garrett Peel, Co-Founder at IVP. "The invention by Monzer Hourani offers restaurants and businesses the security to breathe with confidence and more safely reopen our economy with proven solutions that help mitigate the spread of COVID-19 indoors."  

“At Boudro’s Texas Bistro, we decided to partner with IVP Air to enhance our guest experience so that they can eat with confidence and feel more at ease knowing we are taking additional steps to provide the cleanest indoor-air while dining with us," said Andreas Esparza, General Manager and Partner at Boudro’s Texas Bistro.

“From the early days of the pandemic, restaurants have gone above and beyond to keep their staff and guests safe,” said Dr. Emily Williams Knight, President and CEO of the Texas Restaurant Association. “We applaud Boudro’s for making the additional investment in a state-of-the art Integrated Viral Protection device which further reinforces restaurant owner’s commitment to building confidence and trust with all they serve.”

“We work hard to ensure the River Walk is a safe place to visit during these times and have put in extra cleanliness measures," said Maggie Thompson, Executive Director for San Antonio Riverwalk. "We are thrilled that restaurants now have the ability to give an added high level of safety for their guests with proven technology and that one our River Walk restaurants has set this example for their guests.”

Establishments that have already deployed IVP Technology to much success: Boudro’s Texas Bistro and Zinc Bistro & Bar in San Antonio, Safina Mediterranean in Houston, InterContinental Houston - Medical Center Hotel, School Districts in Galveston-ISD, Comal-ISD, Somerset-ISD, Slidell-ISD, Post Acute Medical (PAM), George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, and the Municipality of Baytown, TX – to name a few.

Materials Physics Today published a peer-reviewed study confirming the system effectively eliminates actual SARS-CoV-2 (the virus causing COVID-19), anthrax spores and other airborne contaminants. The research has been publicly supported by research faculty at the Argonne National Laboratory and Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

About Integrated Viral Protection (IVP)
Integrated Viral Protection Solutions, LP (IVP) was created by Monzer Hourani in April 2020, to respond to the COVID-19 global pandemic and to foster research, development, and deployment of technologies that offer biodefense solutions to mitigate transmission of biological threats in indoor environments. At the heart of this novel biodefense design is a proprietary heated mesh that works in conjunction with legacy air filtration found in HVAC systems. The resulting suite of products will offer proven in-line mitigation for the airborne transmission of COVID-19 indoors.

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