TRA News Now - End of Session Update

Jun 7

In the latest TRA News Now, we provide you with all the end-of-session updates including summaries of TRA's legislative victories, including: 

  • HB 2101 - which will amend the Alcoholic Beverage Code to increase the alcohol sales threshold from 50% to 60% of total sales for restaurants that hold a food and beverage certificate. This is very important to the industry and to restaurants that serve mixed drinks in jurisdictions that have had successful local option elections for the “sale of mixed drinks in restaurants.” Without HB 2101, many establishments may be in jeopardy of losing there mixed beverage license and having to revert to a private club or go out of business.
  • HB 2029 - will provide that places that serve food for immediate consumption will no longer be required to maintain a Department of Agriculture certified scale with a visible consumer protection sticker in the business. This regulation was an antiquated regulatory burden that provided very little, if any, consumer protection, but did cause a lot of confusion in the industry.
  • SB 1089 - builds upon legislation that TRA advocated for last session, which will eliminate all local food handler fees and documentation requirements for any employees who successfully pass an ANSI accredited or state registered food handler course. This is a great windfall for restaurant employees as they will no longer need to pay a local fee nor take time off work to go to the local health department to obtain a food handler card.
  • HB 1463 - helps restaurants and other businesses that are the targets of unscrupulous ADA drive-by lawsuits. HB 1463 will require a person to notify a business of the alleged ADA violation and provide the business 60 days to remedy the violation before the person may file a state ADA lawsuit. TRA and the NRA are also supporting legislation by Congressman Ted Poe that will also create a right to cure in federal law to prevent ADA litigation abuse on the federal level.

Plus more end of session news - all in two minutes! 



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