TRA News Now - TRAction Fund

Jan 23

Most everyone has heard of TRA’s Political Action Committee which combines member contributions to help impact various elections, supporting candidates who merit the support of our industry.

But did you know that TRA also has a ‘war chest’ called the TRAction Fund? In this latest two-minute News Now, we take a look at the special fund supports legal, lobbying and media firepower needed to support pro-business endeavors and fight anti-business initiatives at the local, state and national levels. 

TRA currently has two issues we are working within the TRAction Fund. These include:

ASSET – Joining 15 other business groups, including the Texas Association of Business, the Texas Retailers Association and the Texas Association of Builders, TRA is proud to be part of a new coalition; ASSET (the Alliance for Securing and Strengthening the Economy in Texas).

ASSET was created to fight for public policies that protect Texas businesses from restrictive, California-style government regulations. ASSET was key in successfully fighting Austin’s Paid Sick Leave ordinance this past November, which was ruled unconstitutional by the Third Court of Appeals in Austin.

Oyster Aquaculture - Although Texas has one of the largest coastal shorelines in the nation it is the only coastal state that does not engage in production of oysters by mariculture. TRA is working with Rep. Todd Hunter (R-Corpus Christi) and other interested stakeholders on legislation that would help develop a truly sustainable Texas oyster fishery consisting of existing privately leased areas, managed wild-reef harvest, and a thriving mariculture segment and much more.

TRAction is only as effective as the support it receives. The best thing you can do to advocate for yourself and your business during the upcoming legislative session is to GET INVOLVED. By getting involved, you can make your voice heard, and have an impact on legislation affecting your business.

It’s easy to support the TRAction fund and only take a few minutes of your time. Click HERE to give.

(Note - gifts are not tax-deductible. Corporate or personal funds may be given.)



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