TRA President Jerry Walker's Journey Begins

Aug 11

My first stop as TRA President on my twelve month journey through the great state of Texas landed me in McAllen to participate in a seminar designed to help restaurateurs build their HR tool kit. I gained several valuable takeaways in addition to getting an incredible education on the intricacies of the Affordable Care Act and our responsibilities as  business owners to comply with Federal regulations stemming from this law. Even if you have less than 50 FTEs (Full Time Equivalents), you still have significant forms to fill out to comply with reporting requirements.

While in the Rio Grande Valley, I had an opportunity to dine at Jessica and Larry Delgado's restaurant SALT.  I have to be honest it was incredible! I was totally blown away by the quality of the food and the expertise of the staff. While there I learned that around 2,000,000 people live in the Valley where they enjoy a vibrant restaurant scene. If you haven't been in a while you definitely need to make the trip.

Next, my journey took me  to Austin where I had the pleasure of spending  four days at the annual Culinary Educators Training Conference (CETC). More than 120 Texas ProStart educators attended to continue their education and gain additional tools to be even better teachers to the 20,000 students throughout the state who are involved in Texas ProStart program. Why is this important you might ask? These students are our future employees and with the Texas ProStart education they will be better prepared and trained employees, lowering our recruiting and overall training costs. I know I want that extra money for my bottom line so together, let's strengthen the connection between our Texas ProStart schools and our restaurants all across the state! I'm heading to Dallas next and can't wait to report back on my journey there.

More to follow, Jerry


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