Utilizing Technology to Improve the Customer Experience

Jun 7

One of the most exciting aspects of TRA Marketplace is seeing and hearing about the latest super-cool technology, and the role it plays in virtually every aspect of the restaurant industry. TRA Marketplace, taking place June 26-27 in Houston, has an entire pavilion dedicated to technology, with exhibitors, interactive demonstrations and engaging presentations.

We are very fortunate to have Debra Lukacsko, Co-Founder and CEO of Original Review, an exciting, new customer insight solutions company, and Technology Pavilion Partner, speaking both both days, on 'Utilizing technology to improve the customer experience and increase marketing efforts.' Remember the days when the only way to get customer feedback (positive or negative) was to hope for a customer comment card in a box, or alternatively, simply wait for the customer to say something? It was one-on-one communication. Today, customers have the option of broadcasting any opinion of any kind, at any given time, to hundreds, even thousands of people, right from the table, at the touch of a button on their smartphones. In a recent survey conducted by Original Review of more than 500 consumers who actively use review sites:

  • 93% of the respondents said they stopped visiting a restaurant because of one bad experience with the food,
  • 90% of the respondents agreed that they would be likely to return to a restaurant where they had a bad experience if they were able to communicate directly with management and felt their concerns were taken seriously.

According to Lukacsko, real-time feedback is one of three key and immediate challenges restaurateurs face. The other two are external reviews that are real and plentiful, and customer engagement. Learning how to utilize technology can help restaurant owners and management improve the customer experience overall and enhance marketing efforts, she says. After all, data is power. Using simple, yet powerful technological tools like Original Review, that gather real-time feedback from customers, has the potential to save lost business for those who promptly take action.

Technology Pavilion Presentation Schedule: Sunday/Monday “ June 26-27 12:00pm  |  Utilizing Technology to Improve the Customer Experience and Increase Marketing Efforts

Consumers today have seemingly endless options when it comes to choosing a restaurant and it's vital for restaurant owners to embrace today's advancing technology in order to satisfy and retain our customers. Restaurateurs face three key challenges : real-time feedback on food and service, external reviews that are real and plentiful, and customer engagement. Learn how utilizing technology can help restaurant owners and managers improve the customer experience and enhance their marketing efforts.

Debra Lukacsko, Co-Founder and CEO Original Review

 Sunday, June 26 2:45pm  |  Past, Present & Future of Email Marketing This session is intended to help those who already have an email program in place increase their customer visits and outline a successful approach for those restaurants who are thinking about starting an email program.   We will be identifying the most common mistakes and missed opportunities most restaurants are currently making with their email programs and gain a better understanding of exactly what drives customers' to visit more frequently.

Tim Rottet, Encore Loyalty      


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