World's 'smartest computer' - IBM's Chef Watson returns to Texas at TRA Marketplace

May 18

In 2014, IBM debuted their cyber kitchen ninja 'Chef Watson' at SXSWi in Austin “ wowing foodies and chefs alike with its ability to generate literally quintillions of recipes with thousands of ingredients. It was a culmination of a partnership with the chefs at the Institute of Culinary Education followed by a collaboration with Bon Appetit to build an app for home users. The event even produced a 'Watson inspired' cook-off between Austin's Vince Young Steakhouse Chef/Owner Phillip Brown and his sous chef. Today, Chef Watson is being used by professional chefs throughout the world to help discover unexpected flavor combinations they might never have thought to attempt, as well as discovering solutions to help with everyday mealtime challenges in creative ways.

Chef Watson is returning to Texas and will be at TRA Marketplace June 27th in a not-to-be-missed session at the Education Idea Center. How does it work? The cognitive computer searches for patterns in existing recipes and combines them with an extensive knowledge of the science behind food pairings to come up with ideas for unexpected combinations. The system asks for a few simple inputs about a dish, such as key ingredients, cuisine and dish type, and then produces hundreds of never-seen-before recipe ideas. Chef Watson has been used in a variety of ways around the world. The application is free, and doesn't require registration, so the exact number of restaurants utilizing this technology is difficult to gauge.

Watson has helped a pastry chef in Montreal create chocolate bars and partnered with a number of restaurants for special events including Ciel Bleu in Amsterdam, Yusho in Las Vegas. The future of Chef Watson is full of exciting possibilities. This project has evolved from a prototype testing with chefs, to an application for other professional cooks and home cooks. Food tech is booming and Chef Watson is in the right place at the right time with a strong team behind it to evolve and launch ideas quickly. Join the discussion Monday, June 27th and see Chef Watson in action. Is this the secret weapon your kitchen needs?  Visit to get cooking today. And be sure to register for TRA Marketplace now! See you in Houston!


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