Texas Restaurant Pandemic Directory


The Texas Restaurant Pandemic Directory page provides Texas restaurants access to discounted products and services for restaurant businesses during this crisis. For a limited time, the TRA is offering access to any company wanting to advertise its specials for restaurants and industry employees. Companies listed on our directory will be included in the nightly email to our entire database (15,000+ contacts) as well as our mobile app resource page, and tagged on social media. To be included, please complete the form here.




COVID-19 Testing Services


ARCpoint Labs of Austin-North


ARCpoint Labs of Austin - North offers the following COVID-19 tests for symptomatic, asymptomatic and previously infected employees:

• PCR / Molecular: tests for active infection, gold standard for accuracy
• Rapid Antigen: tests for active infection, same day results and very affordable
• Antibody: tests for antibodies as a result of prior infection

These tests are designed to help you minimize the risk of your employees spreading the infection to co-workers and customers, thus allowing you to keep your business up and running.

We offer the best value for COVID-19 testing in the Austin area:

• The convenience of testing at our lab or at a location of your choosing
• The best prices in town
• Superb customer service, including online scheduling & intake forms, and automated email results
to the employee and the employer

We welcome the opportunity to earn your business!

Contact Information:
Mike McCarthy






Because of COVID-19, got2go2 is offering help to restaurants to be found for the new services customers are looking for. In April, it was crucial to be found for offering contactless curbside pickup and delivery. In May, as restaurants offered dine-in service again, it was crucial to also be found for offering extra spacing between tables with occupancy limits, disposable menus, and rigorous sanitation procedures. Customers' interests will continue to evolve as COVID-19 executive orders are updated and that market forces change. 

got2go2 enables you to be found immediately for the changes you make to your restaurant, messaging your keywords, special offers, and even your hours, or whether you are open, or temp shut. You can point your new customers on got2go2 to other online sites you have, e.g. your website, your social media sites, your online ordering page, and just the review site(s) that has your best reviews. Find out more here.

Contact Information:
Kevin Robertson



HGUSA is a hospitality supply company based in Dallas. 
They're offering a free all-in-one QR ordering solution for restaurants. No setup fees and no obligation to buy through 1/31/21. It's really easy to use and means you don't have to share fees with aggregators.
For more information visit:
Here you will find excellent resources such as training and content management and all the ways My Digi Menu can update and protect the ordering experience at your restaurant.

They have also curated a host of solutions to help operate safely such as:

Contact Information:
Shiven Malhotra

Mowax Visual


Mowax Visual provides large format printing, custom fabrication, design, and installation services for a multitude of industries. However, with the current state of our nation they have adjusted their normal business operations for the better. At Mowax Visual, it has been of the utmost importance to find ways they can use their services and resources to help make a difference in response to COVID-19. Through partnerships with their production facilities across the nation, they have come up with various solutions to help keep their clients protected. They are also offering large format printing solutions for businesses to help bring awareness to social distancing and COVID best practices. You can find their services here.

Items include:
-Disposable paper menus
-Directional signage/social distancing signage
-Large-format signage including banners, floor vinyl, window, and wall clings
-Custom Acrylic Sneeze Guards and Barriers
-Catering/Delivery Vehicle Wraps
-Face shields and face masks
-Sanitizer stations
-Custom catering & delivery packaging
-Menu Boards
-Promotional items

Contact Information:
Sarah von Rosenberg

The Time Group 


Known for creating traffic building campaigns, The Time Group is a marketing and public relations firm that offers digital media, social media, public relations, website development, graphic design and brand strategy.

Contact Information:
Margaret McKoin

Thomas Printworks

Thomas Printworks is here to help you as you reopen your restaurant with branded safety and promotional signage as well as:

  • Banners
  • Social Distancing Floor Graphics
  • Yard Signs
  • Window Clings
  • Bounce Back Coupons
  • Packed with Care Cards
  • Table Tents
  • Single Use Menus
  • Direct Mail
  • Branded Face Masks
  • Pop-Up Banners
  • Delivery Vehicle Graphics
  • Much more

Contact us today and find out how we can assist in keeping your restaurant running smoothly during the current health crisis.

Contact Information:

Austin Houston

Jill Fletcher

Tara Fisher

Dallas/Fort Worth San Antonio

Keith Brogan

Kathi Martin



Americo Vinyl & Fabric


They manufacture vinyl table covers that are launder free, and easy to clean. Excellent replacement for linens that harbor bacteria. 

  • Over 300 patterns and colorways available
  • Custom Logos & Designs
  • Elastic, Regular Drape, Hat Box Fitted, and more style options to choose from

They also manufacture cotton facemasks in house.

Contact Information:
Tanner Rigdon

Bank-A-Count Corp


Keep your customers safe with DISPOSABLE MENUS. Bank-A-Count Corp is a commercial printer that has been serving businesses nationwide with on-demand printing since 1956. Their high volume efficiencies allow for very competitive pricing. Whether it's a menu, placemat, black/white, or in color, Bank-A-Count has you covered. Simply supply them with a PDF or text file of your menu and they'll print and ship your menus within 48 hours. Contact Lisa Kubis at lkubis@bank-a-count.com for program/pricing information.

Contact Information:
Lisa Kubis

Black Box Intelligence™


Black Box Intelligence™ (formerly TDn2K) is the leading data and insights provider of workforce, guest, consumer and financial performance benchmarks for the hospitality industry. Throughout the pandemic, Black Box has offered several resources complimentary to restaurant operators including: 

  • Weekly website updates on industry performance and guest trends
  • The Restaurant Recovery Sales Flash, a once a week sales and traffic survey keeping a pulse on industry performance
  • Workforce response surveys, how workforce practices are adapting
  • Webinars discussing the evolving impact of the pandemic on the restaurant industry
  • And more!

Please visit Black Box Intelligence for more information.

The Black Box Intelligence product suite is the industry standard for operators seeking to achieve best-in-class performance results. With the largest and most reliable set of real restaurant data in the marketplace, Black Box Intelligence currently tracks and analyzes more than 300 companies, over 2.8 million employees, over 50,000 restaurant units and $75 billion in annual sales revenue. Black Box Intelligence is also the producer of the Global Best Practices Conference held annually in Dallas, Texas.

Contact Information:
Sarah Higgins

Cleveland Menu


Their core business is and always will be handcrafted menus, but during the pandemic they have adapted their manufacturing capabilities to include production of plastic PPE face shields, social distancing floor decals, back-of-house safety posters, plexiglass barriers and disposable and sanitizable menus for all industries in need.

Contact Information:

Mary Abrams

Curbside Upfitters


Curbside Upfitters understands, now more than ever, the need to hold on to cash reserves but also recognize the importance of adding additional revenue now and for the foreseeable future.
A Food Truck fits the bill by being mobile and embraces the model of social distancing for your customers so you can offset the loss of in house dining as they work through COVID-19 and its residual effects.

Now offering:
*$10,000 OFF for TRA Members
*Interest only through 2020 for qualified applicants.

Contact Information:
Robert Mikalonis



  • Pre-rolled mapkins & cutlery (dine-in/takeout): reduces touchpoints & labor.
  • Disposable linen alternatives (dine-in): eliminates concerns of unsanitary linens.
  • Pocketfold napkins (dine-in): keeps cutlery covered.
  • QR Code menus on napkins (dine-in/takeout): Sanitary dual-purpose menu & napkin.
  • Tamper-evident to-go stickers and peel & seal bands (takeout)
  • Print on-premises placemats (dine-in): Placemat fits in standard printer and menu can be adjusted & printed as needed
  • Reusable face masks: Customization available.

COVID-19 Resource - https://bit.ly/CH-ResettingTable 

Contact Information:
Caitlin Houstoun

Push Operations 


Push Operations is a labor management solution for restaurants. 
Push is offering restaurants and its employee health pre-screening software FREE. 

The software allows:
1. Contactless temperature checks for employees
2. Customizable pre-health check questions to employees
3. Effortless communication to employees who’ve worked with a team member that has Covid-19.

Contact Information:
Tommy Truong

Sentry Health Kiosk 

The Sentry Health Kiosk is completely customizable and has MANY features available.

Here are just a few: 

- Non-contact, fully automated kiosk.
- Detects user’s body temperature within 2.6 feet of kiosk.
- Automated hand sanitizer dispenser with our patented technology that makes it MANDATORY for all persons entering to sanitize their hands before they will be allowed inside.
- Occupancy tracking and control.
- Access control integration with gates and door access.
- Live video communication on demand with HR, security or health professionals if temperature is elevated.
- Facial recognition to allow entry for medically evaluated individuals.
- Capability of detecting N95 masks and ensuring compliance in mask-only areas.
- Capability to determine if your mask is being worn properly.
- Verbal warning/success message plus LED visual indicators.
- Create and read QR codes.
- Health questionnaire.
- Optional printer. 
Additional software and technology can be added as needed to help comply with federal, state and local requirements or suggestions.

Watch “Sentry Health Kiosk” on Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/431305689

*Mention this listing and receive a 10% DISCOUNT!

Contact Information:
Brandon Emory

TriMark USA


TriMark USA is the country’s largest provider of foodservice equipment and supplies. We proudly serve our customers by providing design services, commercial equipment, and foodservice supplies across a wide range of industries and business sectors.  We have locations across the country which offer foodservice operators an unparalleled level of service by combining our unique design capabilities and our expert market knowledge with the purchasing strength, delivery, installation and after-sales service capabilities of a national company.  We have your COVID-19 operating essentials.  Keep your restaurant running safely and efficiently with all necessary supplies for kitchen operations, take-out, curbside pickup and delivery. Our team is ready to assist you in sourcing the products best fitting your business and budget.

- Apparel
- Bar Supplies
- Chemicals
- Cleaners & Sanitation
- Dinnerware
- Disposables
- Equipment 
- Flatware
- Furniture
- Glassware
- Kitchen Supplies
- PPE Essentials

Contact Information:
Jon Jacobs
Senior Vice President, Sales – Southern Region 

Mark Kohlschmidt
Senior Vice President Institutional and Contract Sales – Southern Region
713-861-4455 x 5504

Shane Milling, CFSP
Vice President Sales - Southern Region                                                                                                                   

Quikstone Capital Solutions


Throughout the Coronavirus pandemic, Quikstone Capital Solutions has continued to support hardworking merchants across the country with easy, fast, and flexible working capital. Now that many restaurants are reopening, and may need support, they want customers to know that they are here and ready to help.

For the past 15 years, more than 10,000 merchants have grown their businesses with funding from Quikstone. With a short application, no hidden fees, approval in 24 hours, and cash in the bank in 2-5 business days, they can get your merchants the working capital they need quickly and easily. With an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, nearly 80 percent of their merchants are repeat customers because of their outstanding service and support.

With Quikstone’s QuikStart program, there are no application fees or hidden costs. The process is simple. Funding amounts range from $5,000 to $250,000. Payment is automatic and flexible. It's a small portion of daily credit card sales, and it adjusts with card volume.

Restaurants can use Quikstone's working capital for just about any business need. They can create a new marketing campaign, update their menu, increase inventory, develop an online ordering and delivery system, buy, replace or repair equipment, or expand outside seating to allow for social distancing.

Quikstone is not a bank, so they can provide direct funding even if a merchant has been turned down in the past by traditional sources. While a commercial loan requires a fixed monthly payment, Quikstone payment amounts are flexible, they fluctuate with card sales volume, and that’s so important for restaurants during these uncertain times.

At Quikstone, they know that in these challenging times, we're all in this together.

Contact Information:
Dick Willams

Sanitation & Disinfection

Alsco Linen and Uniform Service 


Alsco has always strived to meet the emerging needs of our Texas customers during difficult times whether that be a natural disaster or a worldwide pandemic. Today is no different. Alsco is proud to continually provide the necessary products and services available for our customers to ensure a clean and safe environment for dining guests.

As restaurants begin to reopen, it is important to consider that tablecloth surfaces are five times cleaner than bare tables and are touched only at the corners by the server laying the cloth and by the immediate patrons. Bare tables can be a breeding ground for all types of microscopic germs. NSF- certified hygienically clean table linens or placemats from Alsco can minimize bacteria and prevent the spread of illness.

In addition, NSF-certified hygienically clean tablecloths and placemats can also help identify the tables to be used for social distancing in a restaurant. Placemats can be used to seat guests farther apart at the same table or counter while providing a welcoming and clean table setting.

Alsco offers several specialized services for all industries that can help you with your recovery strategy by creating a clean, safe environment for your guests:

  • Reusable Alsco Masks and gloves that meet CDC guidelines.
  • Sanitizing wipes that can be safely used by your staff on all surfaces and touch points.
  • Floor care that includes mops and mopping solutions to keep your floors clean and safe.
  • Specialty floor mats that have social distancing markings on them.
  • Hand care products like soap, sanitizer and paper towels.
  • Commercial cleaning solutions, including broad-spectrum disinfectant, food-service degreaser and glass cleaner.
  • Hygienically clean uniforms such as MIMIX chef coats, cook shirts and aprons.

As America gets back to work and businesses reopen, providing your employees and guests with a cleaner and safer establishment will be a key part of an economic recovery. Let Alsco help you with that.

Contact Information: 
Brad Cox

American Technologies, Inc.


American Technologies, Inc. (ATI) is the largest family-owned disaster recovery service nationwide. ATI services clients are Restaurants/Bars, ISDs, Local/State Universities, Commercial Real Estate, Residential/Multi-family and Medical facilities in Houston, Dallas/Ft. Worth, Austin, College Station and San Antonio. 
ATI's comprehensive services include, but not limited to:

Biohazards (including COVID-19 disinfecting)
Odor Control
HVAC/Duct Cleaning
Demo/Debris Removal

Ask about their "Go Back Safely" program and free guide to reopening!

Contact Information:
Chris Bell

Arrow Glass Industries


Glass sneeze guards and partitions for sanitary COVID-19 protection, coated with diamond fusion for ease of cleaning and more protection.

Contact Information:
Jeff Host



Auto Chlor System is an 80 plus year old family owned company.  They provide a long list of warewashing, cleaning and sanitizing products that are all manufactured right here in Texas.  They have readily available Hand Sanitizer Stations, Hand Sanitizers and Covid disinfectants that are all EPA registered.  As a long standing member of the TRA, they stand ready to help.  With our program, they can provide you with a certified disinfectant and sanitizing program. 

Contact Information:
Kirk Greenwood



- Hand sanitizer
- Face masks
- Sanitization and disinfectant spray services 
- Hair nets
- Disposable gloves
- Cleaning chemicals
- Floor mats
- Soaps
- Air fresheners
- Paper products
- Restroom supplies
- Uniforms

Contact Information:
Kyle Jones

Enviro-Master Services


Enviro-Master Services is a Disease and Odor Control Company. They have always provided their services in the restrooms by using products that provide a 7-9 day anti-bacterial barrier. After the service, their customers are 99.999% germ-free and up to 95% germ-free after a week. After all, restrooms are the epicenter of all diseases, and they are the company that invented Restroom Hygiene.View their flyer here.

Austin Houston San Antonio
Larry Barde
Alex Arriaga
Seldon Hurley
Fort Worth Dallas El Paso
Dale Mullis
Erik Rhein
Willie Jenkins


Guardian Services 


Guardian Services has served tens of thousands of customers in North Texas for over 75 years. Their customer base ranges from small diners to five-star restaurants, from small Independent School Districts to large Universities, from small medical centers to large hospital networks, and they proudly serve several military bases in the state of Texas. They find it crucial to evolve with their customer and be a true partner that streamlines operations and simplifies the cleaning process for your company. They have been able to provide a large portfolio of services to their customers including kitchen exhaust cleaning & repairs, kitchen & equipment cleaning, fire suppression, grease trap cleaning, indoor air quality, equipment repair, etc. 

Due to recent COVID-19 events, they spent time and resources to ensure they could help their customers during these hard times and offer premiere, cost-effective services, and solutions to help them remain open or reopen. Guardian partners with its customers and is truly the "One Call Solves It All" commercial kitchen company.

Guardian Services offers several COVID-19 specialized services for all types of businesses including: 
- Disinfection (using EPA registered chemicals and electrostatic sprayer to spray all surfaces-chemical kills COVID-19 within 30 seconds)
- UV Sanitation (use of UV lighting that kills ALL bacteria and viruses including COVID-19 without the use of chemicals)
- Commercial HVAC UV Air Sterilization (installation of UV lights in the air handler to sterilize air before it enters the building)
- Thermal Camera Screening (thermal camera and facial recognition for rapid entrance of large crowds)
- Public Distancing Equipment (installation of social distancing markers & Plexiglass partitions/barriers)
- COVID-19 EPA Registered Disinfectant (businesses may purchase chemical they are confident will disinfect all necessary bacteria and viruses from surfaces)

Contact Information:
Jamie Reeder
214-637-1520 ext 201



Halo has been providing services to the restaurant industry for over 50 years, and they thank you for the partnership. With the outbreak of COVID-19 they knew that they needed to redirect divisions of their business to become your resource for safety, and PPE products. This meant getting a global team in place to evaluate the changing situation, create a plan, and execute as soon as possible. They contacted their suppliers, partners, and their production facilities to create a seamless supply chain dedicated to anything PPE. They have over 3 million products delivering weekly, and can customize anything. Their goal is to keep your employees, and your customers safe. Click HERE for some ideas. 

All items are FDA/CDC approved

5% of the proceeds will be donated to the TX RESTURANT RELIEF FUND

Some, but not all of their PPE products:

- UV sanitizers (large and small) 
- Masks – reusable, disposable, surgical, N95, KN95… 
- Sanitizer – liquid 1 oz to 1 gallon.  They also have sanitizer stands, wipes, gel, and spray etc. 
- Booties
- Disposable Gowns, Aprons, and suits
- Gloves 
- Goggles 
- Thermometers – all 
- Face Shields 
- Sneeze Shields
- Keyring tool that can open doors, carry bags, touch key pad pusher, and button pusher. N0-germs
- Decals for bathroom or floor 
- Employee reminder cards 
- Disposable menu’s
- Antimicrobial products

Contact Information:
Barbara Basham and Terri Millimeter


Integrated Viral Protection (IVP)


In our goal to help the global population against COVID 19 we are helping launch the World’s First and Only Air Bio Defense Air Filtration System Proven to Catch and Kill COVID / Anthrax virus 99.999% through one single pass of air. The company has global Patent-pending and FDA Compliant to Enforcement Policy for Sterilizers, Disinfectant Devices and Air Purifiers During the Coronavirus Disease – 2019 (COVID-19) 

The discovery represents collaboration among the largest COVID-19 related public/private research project in Texas with leading scientists, virologists, physicists and researchers, whose results are endorsed by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Argonne National Lab. We have links to studies, and collaborative efforts of universities that are involved including the Galveston National Lab (https://www.utmb.edu/gnl)

We are able to treat air quality two ways:
1) Mobile Air Purification Carts
2) Retrofit HVAC systems.

We can bring back consumer confidence.

News Link 


Contact Information:
Brian Patek



20% off for all TRA Members USE CODE: Sanitary20

Sanitary Pull is working one door at a time to slow the spread of germs! The SanitaryPull is a hands-free sanitary door opener you use with your foot!

Visit our website or give us a call today so we can help your business steer clear of Covid-19.

SanitaryPull was founded by three Texas A&M student entrepreneurs; Austin Burt, Jorge Arroyo, and Jack Cooper. Austin and Jorge both study in the College of Agriculture, specifically focused on Renewable Energy and Natural Resources, while Jack studies in the College of Engineering specifically focused on Industrial Distribution.

Contact Information:
Jorge Arroyo





Applova Inc.


Applova Inc. offers order-ahead technologies used by top national restaurant chains available for restaurants of any size. In response to the new normal, they have modified and innovated new touch-free technologies so restaurants can rebound faster and safely, recouping the loss of income.
Since restaurants re-opening, restaurants had to restructure their layout with lesser tables than they used to have, which means severing only 50% than they used to. Their off-premise solutions include curbside pickup services and integrated delivery services for restaurants. They have also introduced a new touch-free dine-in solution for restaurants to provide an excellent guest experience. Dine-in guests can scan the QR menu/digital menu to order with their phone in a few simple clicks.
Their solutions amplify restaurant’s reach, inspire guests, cut costs and save time all by using this single tool while giving more time for staff to focus on the cleaning protocols.

Contact Information:
Stacy Allens

Chase Fire & Safety, LLC

Chase Fire & Safety, LLC is a complete fire protection company. The company specializes in commercial kitchen suppression system and fire extinguisher inspections. We offer pandemic and holiday specials to accommodate our clientele. Our goal is to keep new and existing clients in code compliant with their local authority having jurisdiction, within budget, and an experience that is without hassle or worry.

Contact Information:


Safety and PPE - Don't forget to mention TRA when ordering!

Company & Contact Info Hand Sanitizer Partitions Disposable Face Masks/Coverings Reusable Face Masks/Coverings Gloves Disinfectant Contactless Thermometers Other PPE
Acute Healthways
Sarah or Becky: 210-313-4221
- - - -
Tim Vahle: 214-597-2113
- - - - - -
American Labor Law Company

Ron Castro: 800-854-8674

- - - - -
Barton & Fitz

Beth Huddleston: 512-351-4935

- - - - - -

Mark Brewer: 817-875-6006

- - - -

Kyle Johnson: 949-500-4063

- - - - - -
crew CARE

shopTRENCHLESS /Vortex Companies

- - - - - - -

Andrew Gilbert: 214-748-1313

- - - - - - -
Disinfect Texas


Rebecca Moore: 281-771-2509

- - - - - - -
Elementum Consulting

Jeff Levine: 416-669-9610

- - -


- - - - -
HEY Sanitize! - - - - - - -

imageOne Uniforms
Joe Markota: 330-550-5408

- - - -
- - - - - - -
Maverick Whiskey

Kenneth Fey: 210-447-7010

- - - - - - -
P&I Supply


- - -

Victorialee Arger-Medina: 646-269-6009

- - - - - - -
The PPE Store


- - - -
Praz Distributors

Crystal Ortega: 512-988-0503

- - - - -
Professional Plastics Inc.

Tommy Kedroutek: 714-348-2176

- - -
Pro Source Supplies


- - -

Danny Shannon: 844-333-3363
​Use code TRA for discount

- - - - - - -
Richmond Advantage

Paul Richmond: 210-650-9500

- - -
Rosseto Serving Solutions

David Chatman: 847-423-8313

- - - - - - -

Chris DeGaetano: 646-696-5373


956-764-9949 or 956-635-0863

- - - - - -
Sewn Goods Collaborative

Anitha M.: 908-914-1079

- - - - - - -
Six Feet Away Sanitizers

Brian Fahey: 512-970-8772

- - - - - -
Spirit Sanitizer

Samuel O'Donnell: 503-329-8753

- - - -

Julie Brown: 214-868-7164

- - -
- - - - -
David Prescott: 806-467-0607
- - - - -

Jon Jacobs: 470-268-9685


Mark Klingaman: 512-459-4633

- - Coming Soon - - - -
Wyoming Safety Supply

Cody Garretson: 1-918-223-9315

- - -
Xact Xpressions

Matt Campbell: 817-688-3666

- - - Min. Quantity: 100 - - -


Please contact Hayley Lewis at hlewis@txrestaurant.org for any questions regarding the Texas Restaurant Pandemic Directory.